Drainage Problem ?    




  Buying a house?  Are you sure that the drains are satisfactory and not likely to let you down and cost you úthousands to put right?  Let us check them out with our C.C.T.V. survey equipment before you buy. A wrong decision now could prove very  expensive!     

      We provide you with a totally impartial survey. 

          We do not undertake relining or relaying of drains.

          We have no vested interest in looking for problems that do not exist.

          We tell you and show you the truth   

        Free fixed price estimate given

        What we quote is what you pay

         We are available 24 hrs a day messages left will not be ignored we will ring you back


              Telephone :  01283 - 529714                                                                           

          or e-mail       :    info@DrainInspector.com