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You have reserved a new home from a house builder

Are you confident that the house has been completed to an acceptable standard?

Do you have a quality product?

BE WARNED – the builder may not carry out rectification of items you believe are defects after you have completed your purchase!


Every home we inspect undergoes a rigorous check to make sure that it is built and completed to an acceptable standard.

Every defect we find will be listed on your report in plain English, which enables you to understand the report easily and your developer to find and rectify the defects with ease.

With our up-to-date technological data transfer equipment, reports can be e-mailed or faxed to you and the developer without any delay.  Thus enabling defects to be rectified immediately.


The best time for us to check your property is when you have been served notice by your developer that the building is complete but prior to you paying for the property.  This  way your builder is more motivated to complete any necessary work or negotiate with you, because you have not yet paid them! In addition, you can delay completion if necessary for major works to be carried out. This can save you a lot of time, money and stress.

It is usual for us to inspect pre-completion properties with a member of the developer's site-team; therefore we can discuss remedial works on site for you. If your New Home is not ready for completion we will notify you immediately from site by telephone and recommend that you delay completion (assuming you are not accompanying us on site which you are very welcome to do.)

Post Completion

If you have already purchased your home, under the terms of your warranty you should have up to 2 years to make a claim regarding the finish of your property and 10 years for the structure (normal conditions for NHBC Warranted properties). For maximum protection we recommend that you notify your builder of any defects as soon as possible in writing, however some clients like us to check their home just before the 2 year warranty period is up and we are very happy to do this.

Free Unlimited Post Inspection Support

Following receipt of your report, we provide a free follow up service from Head Office to help you in your negotiations with the builder.

This includes any letters / faxes / calls that may need to be made to your developer on your behalf, plus advice on how to proceed with any claim you may have.



We can provide independent audits for UK developers looking to improve the quality of their workmanship and materials.

We realise that you may employ your own staff to check properties prior to handover but unfortunately this very often results in a jaundiced view and our independent inspection, not only proves satisfactory to yourselves but also to the client.

This is why our reports are so important for Developers - to improve quality and save money. This way you receive up to date and accurate reports as to the condition of the homes you are building. You can then analyse where it is you are going wrong, and more importantly how it can be put right.

The service can be tailored to individual needs and requirements, and specific details are available on request.

Our Inspector has many years experience in dealing with and inspecting property constructed by Britain’s largest house builder. 



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