Block Paving & Artificial Grass Photographs
Block paving & grass at it's best

Over the last 26 years Central Homesteads Limited has undertaken the construction of more drives, patios and paths in the Burton-on-Trent area than anyone else. This experience is invaluable when carrying out work that you hope will last a lifetime. Our experience, expertise and our very competitive prices mean that you can have complete peace of mind when we carry out the work for you.

We show here a number of photographs taken of work recently undertaken by us.

P3260009-swannington st.jpg (185861 bytes)  P3260013-lower_outwoods a.jpg (35490 bytes)  P3260012-lower outwoods.jpg (198718 bytes)

P6250030-latham-stretton-edit.jpg (149399 bytes)  sienna-anslow lane 2.jpg (79847 bytes)  P6250026-penta-ashby.jpg (125795 bytes)

P6270002-Bitham Court.jpg (191007 bytes)  P5140017 leamington road.jpg (168933 bytes)  PA040021-nene_close a.jpg (36003 bytes)

P8150009-Melbourne_Ave1 a.jpg (30025 bytes)  PA020020-hornbrook_road a.jpg (34045 bytes)  P5140014-guinevere.jpg (192578 bytes)

P1010018-faversham road6 a.jpg (31479 bytes)  P1010033-normandy road1a.jpg (33874 bytes)  P1010031-normandy road a.jpg (29678 bytes)

Como Lodge Hill.jpg (48495 bytes)  Rococo Lodge Hill 5.jpg (50106 bytes)  Siena Bitham Lane.jpg (40298 bytes)


P3260016-wetherel road-edit.jpg (203556 bytes)  P3260017-wetherel road.jpg (185253 bytes)  P3260021-wetherel road.jpg (182036 bytes)

P3260032-harlech way.jpg (199853 bytes)  P3260033-harlech_way1a.jpg (33308 bytes)  P4100005-stirling rise.jpg (174005 bytes)

P4100043shobnall road.jpg (170730 bytes)  P4110007-the fletches.jpg (157204 bytes)  P4110009-beowulf covert.jpg (190545 bytes)

P4230029-stour close.jpg (159512 bytes)  P4240004-tutbury road.jpg (162628 bytes)  P6190020-koppe moira.jpg (106357 bytes)

P1010061-marston lane.jpg (196890 bytes)  P1010064-marston lane.jpg (207184 bytes)  P1010074-wentworth drive.jpg (246875 bytes)     

P6160090-Ferrers Ave.jpg (188075 bytes)       P1010073-wentworth drive A.jpg (39120 bytes)        wpe1E.jpg (37288 bytes)

grass-076.jpg (83930 bytes) grass-080.jpg (90119 bytes) grass-084.jpg (106045 bytes)

grass-085.jpg (95529 bytes) grass-087.jpg (83304 bytes) 



Telephone:- 01283-529714

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