The Domesday Book Challenge

The Domesday Book was commissioned by William The Conqueror in 1085, to assess the land and resources owned in England at that time.

Burton-on-Trent and the surrounding villages are featured, but would you recognise them nearly a thousand years later.

Here are a few of our local villages mentioned.  Do you know them?

Winshalle     Brunlege    
Stantun     Rouecestre    
Rapendune     Marchetone    
Stapenhille     Duvelle    
Findre     Roluestune    
Draicot     Sivardingescotes    
Cotes     Ali Heorteshorne    
Sudberie     Smidesbi    
Hitaine     Durandestorp    
Cildewelle     Fornewerche    
Bertone     Tuiforde    
Witmere     Willetune    
Hatun     Newetun    
Stratone     Merstun    
Brantestone     Scroftun    
Chetun Linctune
Etewelle Redlauestun

Which village still has the same name as it did in 1085.....................