We have received a number of requests for general town views and we hope those indicated below will satisfy your requests.

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Bridge Street (East Side) approaching the Trent Bridge Bridge Street (West Side) approaching High Street Bridge Street (West Side) High Street opposite Bargates
High_Street-web.jpg (33359 bytes) Stapenhill_Cemetery.web.jpg (60424 bytes) Stapenhill_Cemetery_2-web.jpg (40874 bytes) Short_St_Infants_2-web.jpg (30177 bytes)
High Street at junction with Horninglow Street Stapenhill Cemetery entrance Stapenhill Cemetery Short Street Infants School
Derby_Turn_3-web.jpg (38521 bytes) Anglesey_Road-web.jpg (35548 bytes) Wellington_St-web.jpg (37253 bytes) Burton-in-bloom-web.jpg (36855 bytes)
Derby Turn Island Anglesey Road Wellington Street St Peter's Bridge
Stapenhill-Gardens-web.jpg (54985 bytes) Dove-Bridge-Tutbury-web.jpg (42796 bytes) High-St-Tutbury-web.jpg (34507 bytes) Cross-Keys-Tutbury-web.jpg (34274 bytes)
Stapenhill Gardens Dove Bridge Tutbury/Hatton High Street Tutbury Cross Keys Tutbury
Castle-Hotel-Tutbury-web.jpg (35151 bytes) Brickmakers-web.jpg (43379 bytes) Burnt-Gate-web.jpg (39904 bytes) Rowing-Club-Burton.jpg (45406 bytes)
Castle Hotel Hatton Brickmakers Arms Anslow Burnt Gate - Anslow Leander and Trent Rowing Clubs
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Trent and Mersey Canal - Stretton Trent and Mersey Canal - Egginton Ancient River Dove Bridge - Clay Mills Pill Box - Canal and River Dove Intersection - Clay Mills
P1070036.jpg (12380 bytes) P1070040.jpg (13095 bytes) P1070050.jpg (9323 bytes) P1070038.jpg (9826 bytes)
Canal Viaduct Built 1776       Over River Dove - Clay Mills A38 Old Road - Clay Mills Horninglow Basin A38 Old Road - Clay Mills

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