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Following requests from Australia and U.S.A. we now include some further pictures, which remind Burtonians of home.

P3160037_Branston_Depot.jpg (20742 bytes) P3160043_Elliss.jpg (183693 bytes) P3160046_Market_Hall.jpg (186244 bytes) P3160038_Leicester_line.jpg (200805 bytes)
Branston Ordnance Depot Ellis's, Corner of Market Place Market Hall Leicester Line Bridge Branston Road
Clay_Mills_Pumping_Station.JPG (16297 bytes) P3160048_Market.jpg (172099 bytes) P3160052_Ritz.jpg (198544 bytes) P3160055_Museum.jpg (183819 bytes)
Clay Mills Pumping Station Market Place Former Ritz/Odeon Cinema Former Gas, Electricity Showrooms + Museum
P3160053-George_street.jpg (196490 bytes) P3160056-Midland_Hotel.jpg (166394 bytes) P3160057-County_Court.jpg (192371 bytes) P3160060-Repton_RDC.jpg (200243 bytes)
Former George Street Club Former Midland Hotel now The Grail Court Hotel County Court  Former Repton R.D.C. Offices now The Poplars Nursing Home
Stanhope_Arms_Hotel.jpg (158393 bytes) P1010028-willington_p_s.jpg (35968 bytes) P1010020-drakelow_p_s.jpg (157172 bytes) Crematorium.jpg (178928 bytes)
 Stanhope Arms Willington Power Station Drakelow Power Station Bretby Crematorium
P3160050_Malt_shovel.jpg (186709 bytes) Water_Tower.JPG (20387 bytes)
The Malt Shovel, High Street  Water Tower at Tower Road


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